• Real Fake: Deepfakes and the future of synthetic media
  • Digital happiness: going beyond customer centric
  • Computer creativity: AI that invents and creates

Real Fake: Playing with Reality in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In this innovative keynote you will discover why we envision a golden future for synthetic media: the revolutionary progress of technology and the evolutionary essence of human beings are a match made in heaven. You’ll see why humans always play with reality and why that is important. Reality ethics, based on three imperatives, is needed to ensure that we’re heading into the right direction.

‘Real Fake educates, terrifies, ad stimulates simultaneously’       

         George F. Coloney, CEO Forrester

Digital Happiness

Digital happiness is rapidly becoming the new frontier of competition. New digital opportunities can make our lives easier, more efficient, safer, and more joyful. You may ask yourself where to begin and which needs to prioritize, but one thing is clear: only focussing on efficiency and effectivity is not enough anymore. Customers and employees are already two steps ahead by actually living in a happiness economy. They are becoming more selective when looking for happiness and a purpose, making the prudent use of technology an additional differentiator.


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